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Medicolegal reports may be requested by companies or private solicitors.

The report is based on a psychiatric assessment that is conducted via telehealth and an examination of medical files or other relevant documentation.

All telehealth Medicolegal consultations are audio visually recorded and safely stored at the practice. It is emerging best medicolegal practice that the assessments be audiovisually recorded. Audiovisually recording the assessment provides the best safe guard for both parties as the be audiovisually recording provides evidence of what was said if one or other party made disputed allegations about the content, conduct of the doctor and proceedings of the assessment.  

 The audiovisual recordings only purpose is for quality assurance of the interview process and is designed to remain at the practice unless there is a complaint made about the assessment.

The Medicolegal report addresses a patient’s psychiatric history and state only, and is designed to answer any specific questions asked by the referrer.

Patients can only be assessed if they voluntarily consent to the assessment. No assessment can be conducted without such written consent from the individual.

Types of Medicolegal Reports provided include:

  • Fitness for duty
  • Mental illness defence
  • Medical negligence

Types of Medicolegal reports NOT provided.

Eastern Suburbs Psychiatry does not provide WorkCover reports.

Eastern Suburbs Psychiatry does not provide Medicolegal reports to patients to challenge Australian Government benefits, payments, pensions, housing or any other support services. No legal reports are provided unless the patient is specifically referred by a third party solicitor for a medicolegal report. A general letter is not provided for Court.

No report is provided if you are your own legal representative.

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