Psychotic illnesses can be frightening.
Treatment can be effective.

Psychosis can be caused by illnesses such as Schizophrenia, Bipolar Affective Disorder, severe Depression, delusional disorders, drug or alcohol misuse, brain injury or dementia. In these conditions an individual can experience delusions or hallucinations.


Psychotic episodes usually involve delusions that is, unusual thoughts that are difficult to shift, or hallucinations, that is hearing sounds that no one else can hear. Sometimes the individual can become paranoid, this involves feeling victimised or persecuted by other people when there is no evidence that such a situation exists.


Patients who are psychotic must be treated with anti-psychotic medication. The symptoms can be so distressing that most patients will also be treated with talking therapies to help them understand their experience, their illness, to learn about their triggers and to understand how they might change their lives to decrease stress.