Family & Couples Counselling

Relationships are complicated. Counselling can help.

Relationships can be a source of emotional fulfillment but when there are difficulties, they can lead to feelings of disappointment, guilt, abandonment or loneliness.

What is Relationship Counselling?

Relationship counseling is aimed at family groups and couples. It is designed for individuals' in a relationship to understand and better manage patterns of behavior that cause distress within the group. The aim is to help the parties to reconcile. Counselling and psychotherapy provides a safe and objective arena in which to discuss concerns. Individuals gain insight into patterns of behavior and the way in which they relate to others. Therapy helps individuals' form positive bonds with others.

How can Counselling help with Relationship Problems?

Relationships can be affected by arguments and tension. Relationship counselling can provide a safe and objective environment in which to address difficulties a couple or a family are facing. It can sometimes be hard for people in the midst of a problem to listen and communicate with each other without causing further tension. Therapy is designed to facilitate and environment in which more open and honest communication can take place. The Psychiatrist can help you identify patterns of behavior that lead to tension so that all parties can gain a better understanding about the changes that are needed individually, as a couple and as a family.