In Summary

Referral Location

Darlinghurst , 2010 , phone: 02 8382 6746

Languages Spoken

English, Punjabi and Hindi

Problem Areas

Mood Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, ADHD-adult, Alcohol and Drugs and Schizophrenia

Treatments Offered

This is primarily a psychotherapy practice. (Psychotherapy-Psychodynamic and Psychotherapy-CBT)

Psychopharmacology (General and Psychostimulants)

Medicolegal reports referred by a third party (Criminal and Family Law)

Treatments Not Offered

Dr Miller does not treat Personality Disorders, Eating Disorders or Autism Spectrum Disorder

Dr Miller does not provide legal reports to patients to challenge Australian Government benefits, payments, pensions, housing or any other support services.

No legal reports are provided unless the patient is specifically referred by a third party solicitor for a medicolegal report. A general letter is not provided for Court.

Populations Catered For

Adult, Young adult (16 years and older)

Specific Practice Details

Psychotherapeutic treatment, Telepsychiatry, Phone advice to GPs, Transport injury insurance/ compensation cases (third party referral required), Medicolegal Reports (third party referral required)

Subspecialty Areas

Specialist Psychotherapy practice, Addiction, Consultation-liaison, Forensic-Criminal, Family Law and Workcover